Bereavement parking’ introduced at Bournemouth Hospital

By Evie Coffey

ROYAL Bournemouth Hospital has implemented allocated spots that provide free parking for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

By Evie Coffey

Three designated places are available in Car Park B, right outside the door to Bereavement Services, allowing those in need to come “straight in and out” without the stress of sorting parking.

University Hospitals Dorset says it wants to be able to give the parking as a gesture to aid people during such a traumatic time as they are aware of the impact bereavement can have on people.

The move has been praised by a grief support charity which says more hospitals should “follow in Bournemouth’s footsteps”.

A spokesperson from University Hospitals Dorset said: “When someone is newly bereaved they are often in a fog of grief and confusion, and find it difficult to navigate what would normally be fairly straightforward tasks.

“We felt it was hugely important to take steps to make things easier for bereaved families and so in order to do that we created the bereavement services parking spaces.”

The spokesperson added: “There are three spaces available and they are signposted and conveniently located in Car Park B at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, immediately outside the entrance to Bereavement Services, meaning that families who may find it emotionally difficult to be in the hospital can come directly in and out.”

The CEO and Founder of the Good Grief Trust, Linda Magistris, has praised Bournemouth Hospital for introducing bereavement parking and are pushing more hospitals “to follow in Bournemouth’s footsteps.”

Linda said: “Having signage is so important.

“When you have to drive into a hospital at the darkest time of your life the last thing you want to be worrying about is parking payment.

“You are often in shock, and in a complete fog so having to find a ticket and pay when you are experiencing the most difficult and painful time of your life, should not happen.

“We are pushing for more hospitals across the UK to follow in Bournemouth’s footsteps.”