Bournemouth artist creates van Gogh’s Starry Night in eye of needle

A BOURNEMOUTH artist has sold six “micro masterpieces” for a whopping £90,000.

David A Lindon, 52, has sold six pieces of art created literally in the eye of the needle, including a remake of Vincent van Gogh’s famous Starry Night.

He said: “It’s been some time since I published anything because I have been working on a new series of micro masterpieces artworks and Covid has certainly delayed things.

“I have turned professional, and I am now represented by Edward Hammond of Hammond Galleries.

“I have been busy creating a series of micro masterpiece artworks inside the eye of a needle, that I am delighted to announce the first series will be on public display for the first time anywhere in the world.”

Bournemouth Echo: David A Lindon’s tiny creation of van Gogh’s Starry Night

The artwork includes Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night, Vermeer’s Girl with a Peal Earring, Claude Monet’s Water Lily¸ Banky’s Girl With Balloon and Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

This series of micro art has sold prior to its first exhibition next month for a staggering £90,000.

David added: “I have sold bits and pieces before but that is my first significant sale.

“Eventually [making the art] is fantastic, but I don’t really enjoy it. If I try to do it in the day, the vibrations of cars knock it off.

“The vibrations cause havoc, it’s a real pain to do, but I really love it when it’s finished, the relief when it’s all done and the surprise on people’s faces, that makes it all worthwhile.”

The artwork will be on display in the Light House Media Centre in Wolverhampton on October 7, but David hoped he to bring an exhibition to Bournemouth in the future.

He said he is working on his next series of tiny masterpieces but was coy about what to expect.

“We’re keeping it a bit hush-hush. We’ve got Andy Warhol coming up, we have got a number of artists that we are looking at. I have done a couple of them, it’s just about getting my brain in the right gear to sit down and create these things.”

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