‘Idiot’ driver causes mass evacuation of Odeon at BH2

‘AN IDIOT’ driver doing a ‘burnout’ in the underground car park of Bournemouth’s central leisure complex saw cinema-goers evacuated from the Odeon on Tuesday night.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to the ODEON Cinema at BH2 at 9.40pm on January 11 after the manoeuvre caused the smoke alarms to go off.

Three crews from Westbourne, Springbourne and Redhill Park attended the incident at the BH2 Centre in Exeter Crescent.

One cinema-goer said: “We were watching the new Matrix film when an hour in the lights came on, the projector stopped and the automated warning advised us to leave via the nearest emergency exit.”

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Viewers left the cinema via the main door and were led through the hallway that links all screens to the nearest emergency exit where they were guided out of the to the back of the BH2 centre.

Bournemouth Echo: Evacuation at BH2Evacuation at BH2

They added:

“We found out that an idiot had done a burnout in their car in the underground car park.

“The ODEON staff could not let us re-enter the cinema as the car park was filled with smoke, which would keep triggering the sensor and shutting the projectors off.

“We were allowed down to the car park and the area was filled with the smell of burning rubber and still some smoke floating around.”

Those disrupted by the event that booked tickets online will get a refund, people who booked tickets at the counter will need to return to the cinema for their refund.

‘The film was just getting to the good part’

Gutted to have missed out on the film they added: “It’s a shame as the film was just getting to the good part.

“We’ll have to go back next week and hope that there are no idiots in the car park ruining the evening for a lot of people.”

Bournemouth Echo: Tyre marks in the car parkTyre marks in the car park

An ODEON spokesperson said: “Our Bournemouth cinema was evacuated last night after an external incident set off smoke alarms. All standard procedures were followed, and all affected guests were offered either a full refund or complimentary tickets for another show of their choosing.

“We would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and look forward to welcoming guests back soon.”

Firefighters liaised with security staff who reported a smell of smoke – an investigation of the site was carried out and the CCTV was also reviewed.

Crews left the scene at 10.03pm and the incident was recorded as a false alarm.

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DWFRS said no similar incidents were logged at the BH2 centre within the last year.

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