Saucy Burgers, Winton is named Trader of the Week

A BURGER restaurant that opened its doors amid the pandemic and is taking the local community by storm is our Trader of the Week.

Saucy Burgers in Wimborne Road specialises in loaded, high quality burgers that will satisfy many people’s craving for a juicy burger.

Bournemouth Echo: One of the burgers offered at Saucy BurgersOne of the burgers offered at Saucy Burgers

Owner and creator Zak Busby-Pelekanou was inspired by American diners, but burgers were not his first port of call.

Zak said: “I moved into the building in January 2020, when I didn’t know what was to come, and started renovation work.

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“Originally, I wanted to open a pizza restaurant that served good quality pizza. But, during the pandemic I had a bit of time to think and thought about what I really wanted to do.

Bournemouth Echo: Outside Saucy BurgersOutside Saucy Burgers

“At the time, I couldn’t open the restaurant and I realised there were already too many takeaway pizza venues, so that’s how the concept of Saucy Burgers started.

“We mainly offer burgers, but we also offer hot dogs and sandwiches. All of our products follow an American theme.

“Everything is freshly made and all bought locally, and we make everything we can in the building.

“All of the meat we buy is from a local butcher. We have a strong emphasis on quality.”

Bournemouth Echo: Loaded burgers and hot dogs at Saucy BurgersLoaded burgers and hot dogs at Saucy Burgers

Saucy Burgers officially opened for business in September 2020 and only offered takeaway after coming out of lockdown.

Now, Zak is “letting the universe guide where the business goes”, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on good quality food.

He said: “Our unique selling point is the quality of our burgers. Obviously, I’m biased but they are the best burgers I have tried locally.

“Secondary to that, I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the branding of Saucy Burgers. When you look at the restaurant, you can see that it’s quite unique, with neon decorations and plants. It is a unique space.

Bournemouth Echo: Inside Saucy BurgersInside Saucy Burgers

“I wanted to create a great atmosphere as well as good food, something you can’t find anywhere else.

“We have quickly built up a nice customer base which includes regulars who love the food and support us.

“But we’ve still got a long way to go as the business is still in its infancy.”

Saucy Burgers is open from 4pm to 11pm Wednesday to Sunday.

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